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Tim Spooner and I created Dead Nature, a performed audio/visual installation involving synthesised sound, guitars, adapted musical instruments and live-microscope camera-filmed projected images of natural objects, synthetic materials and paintings. Live sound and video respond to each other creating a fragile and unpredictable structure in which the performers struggle to find their place. 

Dead Nature will be released as a series of short films in summer 2021.

Dead Nature is produced by Artsadmin and developed in collaboration with Battersea Arts Centre and Streatham Space Project.

Supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

Episode 1 - The Surface is Always Changing Shape part 1

Episode 2 - The Surface is Always Changing Shape part 2

Episode 3 - The Surface is Always Changing Shape part 3

Episode 4 - Writing on Walls

Episode 5 - LOL

Episode 6 - Not Bothered Obsession part 1

Episode 7 - Not Bothered Obsession 

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