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I composed and sound designed for Station House Opera performance project 'At home in Gaza and London'.

About the show....

"At Home in Gaza and London creates a mutual performance space for participants in two locations separated by great political, economic and physical divides. Using live video-streaming and other technologies,
the artists occupy each other's homes, streets and other social spaces. Sharing their everyday behaviour and concerns, they dissolve into each other or become ghostly protagonists in the drama. Using contemporary mobile technologies we are able to connect one of the most inaccessible places on earth live with an international audience.

Focused primarily on the situation of the people of Gaza and their relation to the inaccessible outside world, the piece explores what it means to produce a piece of theatre that is relevant and challenging in two different cultures.

At Home in Gaza and London opens a new way for artists to engage with each other in different places across the world, allowing audiences to participate, while eliciting a direct and personal response to the problems of Gaza and its isolation. 

The project explores the survival tactics, creative impulses and coping mechanisms that sustain those living in Gaza, while at the same time celebrating a temporary release via the technological innovation of a working space, a playing space, without borders". 

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